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The Investment Incubator
- offshore protection for investors who are broke

We appreciate your interest in protecting your investment - and in learning about how you can get started on providing a secure offshore protection of your dormant investment, through the set-up of an investment Incubator, even with very little cash available.

The webinar will be held in Novasol's voice room at the times announced on the web page you just came from.

The instructor will be Mogens Eliasen.

The objective for this Webinar is to make you understand the concept of the Investment Incubator, so you can decide if this is something you want to set up for your investment.

Investments that are suitable for the strategy of an Investment Incubator are those that are far from certain whether they will ever pay out or not, in other words: risky investments that have not yet paid anything!

Special emphasis will be given to the mechanisms of the set-up; how the many agreements constituting the deal must be structured so they work together; why your investment is safe; how you can get started, even if you cannot even pay $20...

We will cover the following topics:

  • The difference between your current situation with it tax liability and the optimal situation where you have none.

  • The Deal and its players - how the Administrator, the Escrow, the Investor, and you must cooperate in a set of multilateral agreements that let everybody win; or everybody lose - subject only to whether or not your investment will ever pay out.

  • Why you MUST protect that investment while it has no official value... You can be charged with fraud and tax evasion if you try to do it a price that is significantly lower than "fair market value". Selling a $100,000 account for $1,000 will give you a ticket to jail!

  • How you can still benefit from your investment, even when you sell it, and even more so than if you don't... The whole secret behind using offshore legal entities is that they are outside your government's jurisdiction - and not subject to taxation. Legally.

  • What you need offshore in order to do this.... We will briefly discuss which offshore legal entities you need, and how you must go about having them set up, how they are paid for when your investment matures, and how you manage them without creating problems for yourself.

  • How you can accomplish your goals, even if you are drained for cash.... Yes, you can still achieve all the benefits from having your investment owned by an offshore entity, even you do not have the cash to get one set up for you right now! We will explain how.

You should be prepared for this webinar lasting up to 3 hours, subject to questions from the audience.

In order for you to participate, there are four requirements (all links open in a new window):

  1. For retrieving your log-in instructions and password, you will need a hushmail account - but it is free, so that should be no issue.

  2. You must make a nominal payment of US$