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Updates and Follow-up
on MC Projects

We appreciate your interest in our on-going and coming MC projects.

The webinar will be held in Novasol's voice room and it is only available for people who are members of MC. If you are in doubt of your status in this regard, then please participate in this webinar first!

The instructor will be Mogens Eliasen.

The scheduled time for start of the webinar will be:

Thursday, January 27, 2011, at noon MST (2000 hrs Mainland Europe - 0700 hrs next day New Zealand)

The agenda will be:

  1. Understand the situation about the real estate market in Central America.

  2. Understand our concept and why it can and will work.

  3. Understand how our referral program can earn you commissions to the tune of 200%!

  4. Understand what it takes to take full advantage of this non-public opportunity.

The webinar is expected to last about 1 hour, subject to the questions from the audience.

this affidavit to us through the hushmail account we have on file for you. (Again, if you do not have a hushmail account on file with us, then you need to participate in this webinar first!)

When we have the duly filled-in and edited affidavit from you by hushmail, we will then respond with the password for the webinar to your hushmail account. Our response will be your confirmation that the nickname you selected for entrance to the voice room has been accepted by us, so you do not get blocked out from the conference because we cannot identify you. We will not send that password through unencrypted e-mail, and we do not send it to people who do not submit a correctly filled-in affidavit, so please be careful about this.

If you are confused about some of the terminology and references in the affidavit, or if you are not an MC member yet, then you need to participate in this webinar before you sign up for the one described on this page...

We are aware that this procedure can be considered "tedious" or "cumbersome" by some, but, in all honesty: that's the way it is! The information we are going to share at this webinar is extremely sensitive and subject to serious security measures, and we will not make any exceptions to this procedure, based on convenience.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.

From childhood, we have learned that, if we want to control something, we have to own it...

Nelson Rockefeller once said, "I want to own nothing, but control everything".

The truth is that the kind of control that is established through your ownership is the government's control over you!

What you own is simple and easy for the government to take away from you. By signing your tax return, you allowed the government to do this, without first obtaining judgment, in case there should be a dispute between you and the taxman about what you are supposed to pay in taxes!

Morale: What you own is nothing but the government's collateral for your compliance with the government's demands for taxes...!

With even the US government's tax experts being proven wrong in more than 38% of all cases where they have answered taxpayers' inquiries about tax laws, this is pretty scary...

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Subscribing to "The Doggy Bone"?

Mogens Eliasen's newsletter "The Doggy Bone" is full of solid advice to people who value their personal freedom and privacy. In the newsletter, he shares his enormous experience as a business entrepreneur refusing to succumb to government control!

The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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