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Offshore Trusts - what you can and cannot do with them

We appreciate your interest in protecting your privacy and your assets - and in learning about the most powerful legal tools you have available for this, no matter where you live.

The webinar will be held in Novasol's voice room at the times announced on the web page you just came from.

The instructor will be Mogens Eliasen.

The objective for this Webinar is to make you understand how an Offshore Trust works, and how you can use it to your benefit for privacy, asset protection, and tax savings.

Special emphasis will be given to the liability issues and the difference between "Stupid Ownership Behavior" and "Sound Financial Management".

We will cover the following topics:

  • The history and legal structure of the Trust - covering what a Trust actually is, who controls it, and how it functions

  • The players around an Offshore Trust: who does what? We will explain the different offices: Grantor/Settlor, Trustee, Protector, and Beneficiary; how they work together; what authority they have; what benefits they enjoy.

  • The pitfalls that could put you in jail if you ignore them... also known as SOB (= "Stupid Ownership Behavior"). When people talk about an Offshore Trust as "an account" of theirs, they demonstrate a mind-set that leads right into this trap... Fortunately, it is easy to avoid when you change the paradigm and learn how a Trust actually works.

  • How an Offshore Trust can make money - we will discuss the ways the Trust can do business, some of the limitations, and some of the possibilities, particularly as they are different from what a person can do.

  • How you can spend money in an Offshore Trust - there is no point in accumulating money in an Offshore Trust if you cannot do anything with that money.... We will cover the use of credit cards, debit cards, direct payments, and contracting.

  • How an Offshore Trust can effectively protect your assets - we will cover some brief examples only, as this topic is huge! But everybody needs to know how to protect your home and your vehicle, and your jewelry and other precious belongings.

  • To pay taxes or not to pay.... The government's opinion, of course, is that you should pay full income tax on everything the Offshore Trust earns. The law says something different, though - and you can, in reality, fully legally create a fortune offshore without ever being liable for paying a single dime in income tax!

  • How you get control without being legally committed... This is probably the most tricky issue of all, when we discuss offshore matters, as the press and the government is keen to publish every single case of fraud and scam going on offshore, as if this is only taking place offshore.... The truth is that is indeed possible, even for Americans, to use Offshore Trusts completely safely. The general principles of risk management can certainly be applied - and the biggest benefit is that, when you operate "offshore", you can eliminate the biggest of all financial risks: government confiscating your money!

You should count on this webinar lasting about 3 hours, subject to the questions from the audience.

In order for you to participate, there are four requirements (all links open in a new window):

  1. For retrieving your log-in instructions and password, you will need a hushmail account - but it is free, so that should be no issue.

  2. You must make a nominal payment of US$ 10.00, using a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your ID. Please choose among the following 3 options:

  3. You must submit to us via hushmail the appropriate affidavit - and we will then respond with the password for the webinar to your hushmail account. Our response will be your confirmation that the nickname you selected for entrance to the voice room has been accepted by us, so you do not get blocked out from the conference because we cannot identify you. We will not send that password through unencrypted e-mail, and we do not send it to people who do not submit their affidavit, appropriately edited with their personal data, so please be careful about following the instructions for that affidavit (they are included in the document you open when clicking on the link above). Please also note that you cannot edit that document until you have copied it into an open hushmail of yours!

If you participate by invitation of a sponsor, then please refer to the name of the sponsor and the code you got from the sponsor, if you got one.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.

Let's say you have some valuable jewelry you want to protect. You get a safebox in your bank.

The bank gives you the key to the box. The only key that exists.

You put the jewelry in the box, close it, and walk away with the key.

Question: who controls the jewelry? The bank who owns the box? Or you who is in possession of the key?

What would change if you were not the owner of that jewelry? You still have the key to the box. The bank still owns the box. But the jewelry is owned by someone else. Who is now in control of that jewelry?

Morale: Control of assets has nothing to do with ownership. Assets are controlled by the person who has possession of the key, also when that person is not the owner.

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